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We provide top quality moving supplies at competitive rates. We can also help you determine how much supplies you may need. With our “Hassle Free Supply Policy” you can return unused material for refund.

If you have any question about promotions and offers, please call us toll free:
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We will take the stress and worry out of your move!

With utmost care, your household or office assets will be professionally packed and prepared for moving.

Our boxes are purposely made for moving and storage uses.They are double walled and much stronger than those available in the market, easy to stack and strong enough to use for long term storage.

Fluent packing experts do it everyday, leave it to us and let the most important aspect of your move go smoothly.

We also stock a vast variety of moving supplies and boxes for moving & storage purposes.

Packing seems to be the single most overwhelming stress factor when relocating, so why not leave that to us. It is important for you to consider your belongings as a shipment being carried to a new destination. FluentMovers will pack your most delicate possessions with the utmost care!

Most people choose to pack themselves in order to be cost effective. However, the time and effort needed are not taken into consideration during the planning of the move. The resources, energy spent and the possible risk imposed to your assets by improper packing, exceed the value of fast and professionally packed shipments.

Our FluentMovers’ employees can typically finish packing a five bedroom residence in less than a day.

Odd sized and weakened local store boxes or previously used carton boxes are not transit or equipment friendly. This can ultimately affect the robustness of your shipment and moving process.

The best case, and most environmentally friendly scenario, would be to arrange reusable special moving containers. If not available, it is always recommended to use new and properly dimensioned moving supplies.

FluentMovers offers a full selection of moving supplies and containers. The highest percentages of damages are a result of poor packing process. By allowing experts to do the packing, you will save tremendous resources and value.

When we pack for you, all of the boxes are subject to content insurance, because we do it right every time! If you are packing yourself, you must be advised that the content of your boxes are not covered by insurance as is standard within the moving industry.

Once your belongings arrive to their new location, you can sit down and relax while we unload for you! Leave the job to FluentMovers!

To find out more about our packing service for your household or office, please call us free on: 1 855 435 8368

Toronto Best Man and Van Hourly Rate

Man with Van service does not need introduction, the name say it all. Basically you decide how many men you need and what size van and we’ll do the rest!

We understand that you may not need a moving service to move your table or sofa in to your storage or home or to deliver some office furniture for you. So we also offer you a driver and a van service.

If you are busy, our In-Town Express courier and delivery specialists can pick up and deliver on your behalf. We provide man and van service for all GTA areas.

Just call or Email we are happy to tailor a fast plan, that fits all your needs and budget.

GTA Affordable Self Storage

We offer:

Fluent Moving and Storage provides the best solutions for your secure and safe storage needs. Whether you need space for days or years, from residential and corporate storage, to industrial warehouse management and demands, we can be the end of your search for reliability and security. Storage and warehouse facilities we provide are monitored 24/7 for intrusion, and fire. Every unit is individually alarm protected and climate controlled, with 24 hours access for your convenience.

We use different facilities for industrial freight warehousing so that your household or business assets are not potentially exposed to unfriendly manufacturing elements.

To access a storage space calculator, please visit the desktop version of this page.

FIRST, relax.
SECOND, get acquainted with this guide.

You can use a four week calendar to create a broad outline of what you are about to do. But Before you get started, there are two very important things you can do:

1- Book your move

Please contact us with the following details:

  1. Your moving date
  2. Details on how the packing will be done
  3. Your destination
  4. And any special needs you may have

2- Get your boxes and moving supplies

Change of address

Click here for Ontario address change

This is a fast and easy way to notify the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of your change of address within Ontario. Please do not change your address before you move or it becomes effective.

Collect your important records

You should gather together all personal and family records. Don’t forget your medical records (and x-rays), dental records, veterinarian records, school records, legal documents and titles, banking records, certificates, passports and insurance documents.

Your future home may need advance preparations

If you want work done on your new home before you move in, now is the time to schedule it.

Have a garage sale

You know which of your possessions you are going to be moving. A garage sale may be the best way to sell what you don’t want.

Moving with children

By considering a move in three stages – before, during, and after – and thinking about your children’s needs during each stage, you can make a big difference in how your kids feel about the move and how they adjust afterwards.

Tell your children about the move as soon as you can. The more time they have to think about and prepare for the move, the easier it will be for them. Give your children a chance to express their feelings. Be honest about your own feelings too. Most children experience anger, sadness or worry just as adults do.

How to pack

To pack quickly, efficiently and safely, follow our item by item directions:

  1. Use large markers to label your boxes by room, master bedroom, kitchen, etc. Mark the boxes clearly and visibly. Preferable in more than one location
  2. Label only appropriate boxes fragile
  3. Where needed use mothballs and other pest control products
  4. Clean your home as you pack
  5. Make sure all boxes are closed, and nothing is sticking out

Vital prepatations and reminders

At this point you should work carefully through the following list:

  1. Get your car serviced.
  2. Collect deposits: you probably have “last month deposits” with certain services. Get them back.
  3. Notify services: do not forget to do the same thing with services suppliers: including trash collectors, insurance companies, newspaper delivery, cable television company, gardener, milkman, and laundryman.
  4. Close your bank accounts: leave yourself enough cash and traveler’s cheques to tie you over until you are settled into your new home. If possible, have your current bank transfer your accounts to your new bank.
  5. Use up your food: plan meals around what you already have on hand.
  6. Set aside last minute items: there are things, including clothes that you are going to be needing until the day you leave.

One week before:

Final preparations

By now the majority of your packing should be complete. So if it appears that you are behind schedule with your packing, use the first day of two of this week to concentrate on catching up. Be thorough and get it done now. Packing should not be left until the last minute.

Two days before:

Final packing

Unload and defrost the refrigerator and freezer. Disconnect the refrigerators with the water dispensers or ice machines. Drain and disconnect the washing machine. Disconnect all the appliances, wipe and dry the interiors, remove all fittings and accessories and pack in individual plastic bags. For your washing machine, stuff towels between the machine sides and the tub to keep the tub from rotating. Then tape or tie down all moveable parts and doors.

Your personal packing

It’s also time to pack a personal box or suitcase. You should limit this to items that you will need after moving into your new home; clothing, toiletries and important medicine.

Moving day:

At your new place



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